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Royle Aborist Ltd was founded by arborist John Royle. John's passion is seeing the right tree planted in the right place, and being correctly cared for.

Anything you want done with trees, John and his team can do it. His wide experience means he is well equipped to deal with any project.

Services offered: everything from tree planting, staking, and reductions, pruning fruit trees, shaping and thinning for light. Royle Arborist can do general tidy-up or removals of any size of tree – calling in cranes and specialised equipment as necessary. They are also dab hands with hedges.

Royle Arborist help plant small woodlots, and believe that many landholders who try to save money by planting their own woodlot are falsely economising, as the maintenance required for a poorly planted woodlot far exceeds the initial cost of getting one professionally planted.

Royle Arborist works in the Caterbury area regularly between Hanmer and Methven.

John also has a special interest in golf courses, having worked for a number of years for the Heretaunga Golf course. He knows which ornamental trees are required for shade and challenge, exactly how they should be cared for and how to do it.

John is a New Zealand-trained arborist, a member of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association, and a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, and he is approved by OSH for Health and Safety in the Workplace, and is fully insured for all the different kinds of work he undertakes.

Whether you require the removal of a 30 metre high tree next to your neighbours house, or wish to have 10 hectares of pine plantation planted or pruned, or a 50 m stretch of macrocarpa hedge trimmed, Royle Arborist can do it.

No job is too small, or too big or tall.

Contact John today for an obligation-free quote – mobile 027 510 4637.

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